Monday, August 24, 2009

sunburn with added resin!

I'm sporting a nice rash on my ear after brushing my hair out of my face with some resin on my hand...
so that's fun *g*

remember kids, resin in it's liquid state wants to attack you, eat you and make you look funny!

while I'm waiting for new molding, I sculpted a few more parts that I hope will be well received ("i" be fore "e" except after "c" and full moons and Thursdays....I may never get that word right, thank you Firefox for showing me the error of my ways)

Drilling a few more leg sets today, slow process, especially compared to how fast they have sold, I hope having multiple molds will make this much faster

hmmmm....a post without pictures of some sort is boring? let's see what I have on photobucket today....

nothing really related to faun legs, but this blog really isn't just for faun legs....

how about something really random?

that's what I'd like to be doing today, chilling with my pony

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