Friday, September 4, 2009


Cat! Are you drilling?!?! (Eddie FTW)

ah yes, point of this post, we're getting there!

I cast my fool heart out this week every chance I could because I knew the weather this weekend was not going to be great for resin pouring

today, I am drilling, ow, my hands are cramped! my dremel is cooling down while I shake my fingers back to normal

so many people have mentioned wanting LittleFee legs that I may borrow a doll for a proper fitting, and this excites me!!! LittleFee are as tall as my Mini Riz, and I could make a knee piece that fit between her and the lower half of the LittleFee faun legs, and supply Mini Riz goat legs too! I don't know if there is really much market for those, but there might be!

this is my Mini Riz, Addie....she has no intention of actually staying a faun, but I'm sure I could talk her into playing the part temporarily

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Kiya said...

And just in case you were wondering I would TOTALLY BE ALL OVER a set of Mini Riz faun legs. I think Zagzagael would, too. XD