Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh hey....I can re-size the images here in blogger? *facepalm* I'm a slow learner with this sort of stuff!

So, this last week I had my butt kicked by the common cold, and spent most of my time either sleeping or staring at the steam curling up from my tea cup (steam is so pretty)

being sick as thus, I did not put the lovely purple centauress up for auction yet, but she'll be looking for a home very soon!


Anonymous said...

OMG what a beauty! Please let us know when/where she goes up for sale!


KireiX said...

can you link to your sales thread on DoA? I searched high and low and I simply cannot find it T_T

It would be great to know what different sizes of hooves, colors of resin, and their prices!

DaisyDayes said...

she's just gone up! I was gifted an incredible wig and tail combo to go along with her and decided to wait until they had arrived!