Thursday, February 4, 2010


another scrap dolly for me! Meet Pi! ( π )

whenever I make new molds, I have to do a junk cast, and who am I to turn away a little scrap doll? Nope

I'll be looking for some matching fabric to make a hat that goes with her dress, her goat may get some punky marks....oooooh, or purple legs, yeah!


Ban said...

Grief - I love her and that little goat is adorable!!! My daughter had a Little People farm set and I always took the goat ... not sure why, I've never had a thing for goats - it was just soooo cute ;)

DaisyDayes said...

*grins* thank you so much, the goat is one of my favorite projects, somewhere he actually has a little pipe that he smokes, but I haven't come across it lately (I guess he's trying to quit?)