Thursday, March 24, 2011

I neglect this place so terribly

but sometimes I stumble on it in my bookmarks and think..."I should post a picture...or three...or four..." (if I can remember how...)

GK 021
This is Jareth, he's a Lumedoll Koit, and he's become my Goblin King...and as such, he needed some goblins!

goblets 077
little tiny Goblets! (because small goblins are much cuter...and easier to contain... than big goblins)
That's Sam...

goblets 136
This one is Ignatz

Augie's name is pronounced 'awwgee' and she's (so far) the only girl Goblet I have


and this is Gip!


Ban said...

Kisses for Gip :)

Myrth said...

Now I really want one of those goblins. Are you going to make any to sell?

land of forgotten dreams said...

I am a goblin fan too!
Would love to have one of those!