Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little Green Cinny

I'm the lucky host for this adorable visitor! She's a Kaye Wiggs Green Cinnamon!

Elphaba 002

Elphaba 008

Elphaba 017

Elphaba 085

Elphaba 099
She and the monkey have been hanging out in my orchard and exploring the treehouse!

Elphaba 058


Alice said...

Hello, I wasn't sure how to contact you... ><
So I'm sorry that my question is off-topic, but I was wondering if you still made hooves for pukis? The next doll I was planning to get is supposed to be a satyr, and you were the only person I could find that has made hooves for pukipukis. If you do still make them, or are at all willing to make me a pair, please please email me at blindalchemist@live.com
Thank you soo much!!

MesaDollz said...

Flying monkey is just too cute! I love your photos and enjoy the threads over at the cafe. Nice to have found your blog <3