Saturday, August 22, 2009

Faun legs made for Pukipuki dolls

These are the faun legs I made to fit Fairyland's Puki dolls, I made the originals out of clay, molded them in silicon, then made resin casts of them

they allow for some pretty fun poses, and I've gotten so many people wanting a set of their own!
who knew?

Here, Harpo is showing off his newly painted legs

I'll be opening a shop on etsy soon! so if you have a Puki Puki who would like to be a faun or a saytr, watch this spot!

also coming soon will be a tutorial for how to switch out the default puki legs with the new goat legs


Lanie said...

that is SO badass!!! Holy crap!

Amy Lilley said...

Wow! I can't believe you made this!

Balla said...

Do you still make them? Just curious. Thanks!

Fran├žoise Lejout said...

I wish you still make them, they are so great !!! Hugs from a french fan