Saturday, August 22, 2009

Puki to Faun, a leg swap tutorial

please forgive this entry...I'm still learning to use this blog....and I can't get the words to line up with the pictures like I wanted, I'll tweek it later, but for now? instructions first, pictures after!

what you will need:

Pukipuki, faun legs, fishing line, and patience!

NOTE! if you want your puki to wear pants, or shorts or whatever, you've gotta put them on before you attach the hooves! the hooves are most likely too big to fit through any leg-holes

Take your nice Pukipuki doll, grab hold of his ankle (not just his foot)

give his ankle a little tug, you see that little silver hook around the elastic?

take a bit of fishing line, maybe 5inches at the most, thread the line
through the elastic loop

now that you have a hold of the fishing line, and the fishing line has a hold of the elastic, be brave, it's okay....I want you to un-hook that little silver hook, put the puki foot in a safe place!

now you have no foot, and fishing line around the elastic? great!

remove the lower puki leg, and the knee cap, keep that fishing line through the elastic loop

get your faun leg parts!

to the right, you have the knee, in the middle you have the lower leg, and then on the left is the hoof (picture below)

grab the knee piece

thread the knee piece, rounded side up, concave side down, thread the two ends of the fishing line through the top rounded part of the knee, and pull the fishing line until you see the elastic poke out the other end

now grab the lower leg piece, thread both ends of the fishing line through the rounded top, pull until you see the elastic at the bottom, the elastic is getting tight now, but it'll be alright

take one end of the fishing line, and thread it through the front hole of the hoof

now you are going to tie a knot,
make the first loop and pull until the elastic touches the top of the hoof, then make the second half of the square knot

make sure your knot isn't going to slip! once you are sure that it is a strong knot, go ahead and snip the long ends of the fishing line, and tuck the knot up inside of the leg

did you live? great! now you get to string the other leg!

slide the knee cap and the lower leg off

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Rita Brett said...

This is great - I saw someone do this at a meet, but having your pictures makes it a step-by-step process.

If only I had some faun legs! All the ones I see are $100 or more...

Thanks so much for posting!