Saturday, August 29, 2009


I totally have a pair of Pukifee faun legs sitting in the molding right now *waits very, patiently.....are they done yet...?

and thanks to Darthmermer, I'll be able to string them! holy crows my pukifee was strung TIGHT!

lucky for any hopeful owners, this trick will work for you too! I'll have to take another pic-tutorial

any tips for getting your dolls to forgive you after you've taken their leg off, and wrapped their faces in plastic for the sculpting process?

I'm gonna have to buy her a pony, aren't I?


Susan B in OH said...

LOL. Yes, I think she's going to need a pony and I'm going to need a pair of those legs.

Ban said...

no, you're gonna make her INTO a pony ;)