Saturday, August 29, 2009

not to touch!

I have on my kitchen counter, a nice new batch of molds, all pretty and pink.....sitting for another THREE HOURS! before I can touch them

oooooog, I can't not touch! *WAAANT!*

I've distracted myself with all my usual haunts on the web, I've made coffee, fed the animals....

and now I still have three hours to keep myself from upsetting the molds

could clean the house...I guess...where's the fun in that? (besides, I can't trust myself cleaning in the kitchen right now! pink silicon! mmmmmm!)

after I pull the clay originals out of their molds, I'll toss them right back into a fresh set of pretty pink awesome smelling silicon, allowing myself two molds of each piece, for now...I might want more than that soon, so many people want!

I have a tiny cute measuring tape sitting here on my desk, and from the corner of my eye, it looks edible, I've nearly grabbed it several times to stuff in my mouth, maybe I ought to feed myself! yes! and go into the kitchen....and....just....look at my new molds....yeah

maybe poke them with a straw!

NO! no precious, mustn't touch!

but we wants to! they are pretty and good!

but they will be spoiled if we take them out too soon!

*flop* my inner Gollum has come, never a good sign

......uh, picture! *browses*

hmmm....I might have to start up-loading some random pictures from my HD, I'm running out! (and can't see any use for a relevant don't know me very well...)

that's random!

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