Thursday, August 27, 2009

out with the old molds!

the old faun leg molds have just about had it, and right on time too! my new molding materials should be here tomorrow!

so, what does that mean? that means that I'll have three sets for sale on DOA tonight or tomorrow morning
(maybe four, if I can coax the molds out of two more pours)

these could be the last sets I sell for $20, with the better molds, I'm hoping for better casts, and they will be up a little in price (don't know how much yet, we'll see after I start making the new sets!)

with the new sets will also come a few more options, elfdoll tinies sized faun legs, I hope. I might also do a couple of colored casts, I'll have a different set of cloven hooves, some horns, and maybe a set of ears to cast and sell

I'll also be stocking my Etsy store this time around

no post without pictures, we'll dig out another random shot...

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Roseanne said...

love the lil pinto horsey.. what a cutie pie..