Thursday, October 8, 2009

Been quiet, haven't I?

I ran myself right out of good resin, and while I was waiting for a shipment....I was busy with sculpting something else.....
Oooooh, it's a TEASER! WHAT COULD IT BE?!?!?! ahahahaha!

*tents fingers*

aside from that, I've just picked up my new batch of cream resin, and will be plowing through my NS list this weekend, please send me good weather and good casting luck! let the dyes not fail me!


katy said...

good thoughts headed your way for nice days and smooth perfect moulds!

cant wait to see what you are making!

Susan B in OH said...

Gah !!!! That looks totally awesome. I know I need to be on a list for that.

Dustbunnie said...

Oh that looks very exciting. ooking forward to seeing the end result. :o)