Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I totally have a pair of Pukifee faun legs sitting in the molding right now *waits very, patiently.....are they done yet...?

and thanks to Darthmermer, I'll be able to string them! holy crows my pukifee was strung TIGHT!

lucky for any hopeful owners, this trick will work for you too! I'll have to take another pic-tutorial

any tips for getting your dolls to forgive you after you've taken their leg off, and wrapped their faces in plastic for the sculpting process?

I'm gonna have to buy her a pony, aren't I?

not to touch!

I have on my kitchen counter, a nice new batch of molds, all pretty and pink.....sitting for another THREE HOURS! before I can touch them

oooooog, I can't not touch! *WAAANT!*

I've distracted myself with all my usual haunts on the web, I've made coffee, fed the animals....

and now I still have three hours to keep myself from upsetting the molds

could clean the house...I guess...where's the fun in that? (besides, I can't trust myself cleaning in the kitchen right now! pink silicon! mmmmmm!)

after I pull the clay originals out of their molds, I'll toss them right back into a fresh set of pretty pink awesome smelling silicon, allowing myself two molds of each piece, for now...I might want more than that soon, so many people want!

I have a tiny cute measuring tape sitting here on my desk, and from the corner of my eye, it looks edible, I've nearly grabbed it several times to stuff in my mouth, maybe I ought to feed myself! yes! and go into the kitchen....and....just....look at my new molds....yeah

maybe poke them with a straw!

NO! no precious, mustn't touch!

but we wants to! they are pretty and good!

but they will be spoiled if we take them out too soon!

*flop* my inner Gollum has come, never a good sign

......uh, picture! *browses*

hmmm....I might have to start up-loading some random pictures from my HD, I'm running out! (and can't see any use for a relevant don't know me very well...)

that's random!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

out with the old molds!

the old faun leg molds have just about had it, and right on time too! my new molding materials should be here tomorrow!

so, what does that mean? that means that I'll have three sets for sale on DOA tonight or tomorrow morning
(maybe four, if I can coax the molds out of two more pours)

these could be the last sets I sell for $20, with the better molds, I'm hoping for better casts, and they will be up a little in price (don't know how much yet, we'll see after I start making the new sets!)

with the new sets will also come a few more options, elfdoll tinies sized faun legs, I hope. I might also do a couple of colored casts, I'll have a different set of cloven hooves, some horns, and maybe a set of ears to cast and sell

I'll also be stocking my Etsy store this time around

no post without pictures, we'll dig out another random shot...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hey lookit me, I have followers! *shy wave* hullo!

not too much to report on the crafting and casting, I was distracted by this little cutie today

I do hope to add Pukifee sized faun legs to the line-up...I just have to talk her into letting me restring her!

I also hope to offer faun legs for the Elfdoll tinies!
I just can't even hope that they will pose nearly as well as Fairyland dolls, nothing beats Fairyland for posing!

Monday, August 24, 2009

sunburn with added resin!

I'm sporting a nice rash on my ear after brushing my hair out of my face with some resin on my hand...
so that's fun *g*

remember kids, resin in it's liquid state wants to attack you, eat you and make you look funny!

while I'm waiting for new molding, I sculpted a few more parts that I hope will be well received ("i" be fore "e" except after "c" and full moons and Thursdays....I may never get that word right, thank you Firefox for showing me the error of my ways)

Drilling a few more leg sets today, slow process, especially compared to how fast they have sold, I hope having multiple molds will make this much faster

hmmmm....a post without pictures of some sort is boring? let's see what I have on photobucket today....

nothing really related to faun legs, but this blog really isn't just for faun legs....

how about something really random?

that's what I'd like to be doing today, chilling with my pony

Saturday, August 22, 2009

height differences

These pictures show the height difference between the default human puki legs, and my faun legs

Puki to Faun, a leg swap tutorial

please forgive this entry...I'm still learning to use this blog....and I can't get the words to line up with the pictures like I wanted, I'll tweek it later, but for now? instructions first, pictures after!

what you will need:

Pukipuki, faun legs, fishing line, and patience!

NOTE! if you want your puki to wear pants, or shorts or whatever, you've gotta put them on before you attach the hooves! the hooves are most likely too big to fit through any leg-holes

Take your nice Pukipuki doll, grab hold of his ankle (not just his foot)

give his ankle a little tug, you see that little silver hook around the elastic?

take a bit of fishing line, maybe 5inches at the most, thread the line
through the elastic loop

now that you have a hold of the fishing line, and the fishing line has a hold of the elastic, be brave, it's okay....I want you to un-hook that little silver hook, put the puki foot in a safe place!

now you have no foot, and fishing line around the elastic? great!

remove the lower puki leg, and the knee cap, keep that fishing line through the elastic loop

get your faun leg parts!

to the right, you have the knee, in the middle you have the lower leg, and then on the left is the hoof (picture below)

grab the knee piece

thread the knee piece, rounded side up, concave side down, thread the two ends of the fishing line through the top rounded part of the knee, and pull the fishing line until you see the elastic poke out the other end

now grab the lower leg piece, thread both ends of the fishing line through the rounded top, pull until you see the elastic at the bottom, the elastic is getting tight now, but it'll be alright

take one end of the fishing line, and thread it through the front hole of the hoof

now you are going to tie a knot,
make the first loop and pull until the elastic touches the top of the hoof, then make the second half of the square knot

make sure your knot isn't going to slip! once you are sure that it is a strong knot, go ahead and snip the long ends of the fishing line, and tuck the knot up inside of the leg

did you live? great! now you get to string the other leg!

slide the knee cap and the lower leg off

Faun legs made for Pukipuki dolls

These are the faun legs I made to fit Fairyland's Puki dolls, I made the originals out of clay, molded them in silicon, then made resin casts of them

they allow for some pretty fun poses, and I've gotten so many people wanting a set of their own!
who knew?

Here, Harpo is showing off his newly painted legs

I'll be opening a shop on etsy soon! so if you have a Puki Puki who would like to be a faun or a saytr, watch this spot!

also coming soon will be a tutorial for how to switch out the default puki legs with the new goat legs